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This is a picture from a daguerreotype of a framed painting. The daguerreotype is damaged and this is the best correction we can make, we do not know the whereabouts of the orriginal painting. In the picture Elizabeth Wardill (Nee Dowsland 1775 - 1847) is the lady sitting left, and eight of her nine children in about 1839. One of her children, John, emigrated to Canada and is not in the picture. Elizabeth Dowsland married John Wardill (1773 - 1883) on June 10 1801 in the Parish Church Lythe near Whitby. They settled in Bridlington Yorkshire where all their children were born.

Left to right the people in the picture are James (standing by fireplace, letter in hand), William behind his mother, Elizabeth (Mother of the family), Elizabeth, Ann, Jonathan (sitting in the foreground reading a letter), Dowsland, Michael (standing - a self portrait as he painted the picture) and Joseph with letter in hand.

My Grandmothers maden name was Emilie Musk Wardill, Musk was her mothers maden name. Her father, my Great Grandfather was Joseph Wardill (b.1853) son of Jonathan Wardill (born 1804, died 1858) one of these brothers.

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My Paternal Grandfather Herbert Hopkinson (1877-1949) a private in the 4th Dragoon Guards had brothers Ernest (who lived in Hull or Bridlington), Harry (said to have emigrated to USA), Frank (said to have gone to India) and a sister Francis (who married Sam Wheelhouse and possibly stayed in Bridlington). My Paternal Great Grandfather was Charkes Hopkinson (born about 1840), I believe his wifes maden name was Cooper

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