G-HOPY is a Vans RV6A . It took 25 months to build and was completed in December 1997. The aircraft was awarded a commendation for a Kit Built Aircraft at the Popular Flying Association Rally in 1998. She also gained a prize at the French RSA rally in 1999. Since completion we have used her to tour extensively in UK as well as to France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Sweden and have nearly completed 800 flying hours.

G-RVIO a Vans RV 10 first flew in August 2008 after build time of 2 years 8 Months and 21 days. She was the first RV 10 completed in Europe. and has won awards at the 2009 French RSA Rally and in UK the Nowick Trophy at the 2010 LAA Rally for "Best RV". As of December 2013 she has completed 275 hours including trips into Europe

I have written a Pilot Operating Handbook for G-HOPY. It is included in this website - I obviously cannot warrant accuracy of content however I am happy for others to use or adapt it at their own risk. To go to the PoH CLICK HERE It is a large file (About 1 MB) and will take a few minutes to download. Please let me know of any errors or suggestions you have if you use it. 

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